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Festival: The Rebound Film and Dance Festival

Date: Saturday April 12, 2008 - 8:00 pm, Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven, Connecticut

I atended the Rebound Film and Dance Festival. From the festival program: The goal of the festival is to provide performing opportunities for professional and semi-professional dancers, choreographers and filmmakers.




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- Ballet - Hip Hop - Modern -

My favorite performance was "Tales from the Concrete Womb" performed by The Clark Dance Theatre. I liked the imagery projected on the screen in the background as the dancers performed in foreground. On the screen, there were world leaders in juxtaposition with images of African children. The music choice was very effective, "Running Up That Hill" by Placebo.
Their dance attire was simple, and did not take away from the performance. Overall, the peformance was very cohesive. My interpretation of the performance was the impact of the mass media on the individual; the overwhealming axiety caused by the reports on the War on Terrorism and world current events. The performance was excellent, and one of my favorite performances of the night.
To sum it up , the Rebound Dance and Film Festival features the best modern dance performances in Connecticut. Also, I like the Rebound Dance and Film Festival because the organizers are bringing exposure to modern dance in this state where modern dance is under represented.
I am very interested in modern dance, and I hope to attend events like this in the near future that combine multimedia and dance choreography.