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Class: Absolute Beginner Hip Hop Class at Broadway Dance Center in New York City, Summer 2007

Instructor: Eric Jenkins




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I have never taken hip hop lessons before, so I decided to enroll in the Adult Beginner workshop at the Broadway Dance Center. I decided to take classes in New York because I wanted to recieve the best dance instruction in the city.
The train ride into the city could be tiresome. I had to wake up at 6:00 a.m. to get the train, but overall waking up at that ungodly hour to take classes was worth it. My instructor for the class was Eric Jenkins. I highly recommend Eric Jenkins at the Broadway Dance Instructor. Eric reminded me of a drill surgent. The warm up of the class was the most difficult part. The warm up was an hour, and it consists of sit-ups and push ups. The purpose of the warm up was to learn about the fundamentals of hip hop, such as body isolations and keeping the knees bent.
In each class, Eric would teach a small part of the routine. We would learn the material in small chunks. If a classmate was struggling with the material, Eric would stop the class to give the student individual attention. I liked Eric's teaching sytle. Eric was very analytical, breaking down each step and explaining each move in much detail.
I learned the two routines. At the end of the series, the class would separate into two groups. The first group would perform, and the second group would be the audience. My class mates and I would perform the routine. The dance instructor at the Broadway Dance Center put emphasis on performing. In the main lobby of the Broadway dance center there were cameras on us. There was streaming videos of each class in session. Overall, the experience was fun and enriching